Recovery_0711 is a project by Yuval Shenhar

 A documentation of emotions, states, thoughts and colors – that had
dripped from me during a mental-emotional recovery process – inviting you to lay yourself within it.

it’s about shuffling the deck again. it’s about struggling to forget as much as possible; names, dates, common knowledge, capital cities, car models, coffee types, football players.

It’s about cutting your roots to reinvent them. about finding equality between every two things in your sight right now. it’s about meeting your oldest friend for the first time, and not recognize them, tomorrow. it’s about immediate decisions. to leave. to hide. to stop.
 it’s a recontextualizing event.

Composed and produced by Yuval Shenhar
Video – Hamutal Attar & Aviv Ziv
Piano, Synths – Yehezkel Raz
Turntable, Sampler  – Ofer Tisser
Pipe organ, guitar, piano, synths, vocals and mix – Yuval Shenhar
Mastering – Aviad Zinemanas
Web Design  – Enav Barak